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Business Restructuring & Workouts


  • Organized and represented the first and subsequent Wrigley Field Rooftops

    Successfully organized the first Wrigley Field Rooftop in the 1990s and was a primary counsel in representing many of the rooftops through years of litigation, government action (and inaction), and controversy.

  • Represented small businesses through Subchapter 5 cases

    Successfully represented a debtor client through one of the first Subchapter 5 small business reorganization cases in the Northern District of Illinois after Congress adopted such into the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Subsequently represented small businesses through several Subchapter 5 cases.

  • Recovered control for the owner of large tracts of Florida land

    Recently formulated and worked with local counsel in recovering control to the owner of large tracts of Florida land where the developers had engaged in fraud and misdeeds to steal millions of dollars.

  • Managed the sale of the Purple Hotel

    Managed and conducted the sale of a famous Chicagoland hotel, the Purple Hotel, through a bankruptcy proceeding. 

  • Prevailed in bankruptcy appeal

    Prevailed in an appeal in the Seventh Circuit on a question raised by a bankruptcy trustee challenging post-judgment practices in collecting on judgments in Illinois courts.

  • Won on a section 727 discharge case

    Won at trial on a section 727 discharge case against a professional who filed bankruptcy as a result of a bad real estate investment.

  • Won decision for oil company

    Won decision for oil company in bankruptcy court litigation. The debtor, an environmental company, provided remediation services on property containing underground natural gas storage tanks. Court granted motion to reject the contracts from the bankruptcy estate finding in favor of the client.

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